What happens when an analog TV will be cut off in Ukraine

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Old analog TV for many – still the only one way to watch TV.

Almost a quarter of our population uses analog TV, which plans to disconnect 30 June.
In the digital TV becomes the world: in digital quality pictures and a large number of programs that can be taken off the air. This route goes and Ukraine. Completely turn off analogue television in our country are going to 30 June 2017, replacing it with digital. So, from July 1 through antenna signal reception will be impossible. However, especially in rural areas, no digital coverage so far. What do people who catch your favorite TV program “an antenna” – the only way? These issues we laid out on shelves along with the director of the department of broadcasting “1 + 1” Andrew Malczewski media.

1. “ATV” – is …?

– It is not easy, at first glance, the phrase “ATV” is actually meant by a completely artless for understanding the procedure. The word “analog” includes broadcasting a TV signal antenna receives and, thanks to electronic circuits, to transform images and sound on the TV screen. In simple, that’s the same antenna that many of us located on the roof or the window, and pain native and familiar from childhood TV and take technical implementation of these actions that we can enjoy watching your favorite TV channels free.

2. Who threatens to go without TV on July 1?

– According to a survey conducted by Industrial Television Committee (HCA), by type of TV reception Ukraine, according to population sample “All Ukraine” in the first quarter of 2016, analog broadcasting is the main way to taking 10 million people in Ukraine. That is – almost a quarter of the population uses analog technology reception for TV viewing. From July 1, 2017 some of them on their TVs will be able to see only a gray screen.

3. What happens if you turn off analog TV?

– According to experts, because of the population of Ukraine falls into the so-called “white spots” where there is no cable and T2 (small towns, remote from major cities), the risk would be more than 1 million people may be left without any access to television, in addition to the satellite.

Note, however, and the lack of availability of digital T2 receivers in the population that can receive digital terrestrial signal. When complete shutdown of analog broadcasting to the needs of the population must have stock for implementation through retailers around 1-1.5 million-T2 receivers. But to date has not adopted the state program (budget) to ensure T2 receivers socially disadvantaged groups, approximately – 0,7-1 million. Otherwise, about 5 million Ukrainian may be left without free access to national television during the transition to digital broadcasting.

4. Issue price?

– An alternative to that part of the population, where there is no cable reception type, 1000-2000 UAH for the installation of receiving equipment for satellite and 400-700 USD for T2 – quite unbearable amount.

The minimum value set for viewing T2:

– For reception room (without service installation): 433 UAH (343 USD – 90 USD tuner and – antenna).

– For external administration (without services installation): 600 UAH (343 USD – 148 UAH tuner – antenna, 120 USD -10m cable and connectors).

The minimum cost of the set to watch satellite TV:

– No service units: 1,149 UAH (389 USD – Tuner, 640 USD – antenna components for the reception of 3 satellites 120 USD – 10 m cable and connectors).

– With the service installation: around 1800 USD (in different regions price varies).

5. Is there a chance 4G network build?

– Ability to deliver an analog signal by mobile networks 4G – one of the main reasons. But so far the initiative has not found unanimous agreement among representatives of mobile operators and their willingness to invest in 4G.

Question squarely

– Why do you need it?

– The transition to digital broadcasting is an important step in the development of national television viewer will figure sfery.Blahodarya improved picture and sound quality, open access to additional advanced functionality (delayed viewing, pause, record, broadcast channels in HD-format).

But given the large number of outstanding issues in the implementation of digital TV in the country, turning off analog broadcasting in the summer of 2017 may lead to transfer a large part of the audience to open a free satellite, where they were “waiting” packet propaganda of Russian-speaking television products (24 s channels) that will easily penetrate Russian propaganda in Ukraine. Given the economic component is also a great risk that people in the border areas of the country will have to reconfigure their analog signal antenna on neighboring countries, particularly where broadcast and Russian channels.

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