Turning off analog TV in Ukraine Carries information danger – “Information Area”

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Turning off analog TV in Ukraine has information risk. This at a press conference in UNIAN said the leader of the NGO “Information Area” Paul Bilonozhko. He recalled that the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting has decided to turn off analog TV on June 30, and switch to digital. “The first area where this happens will Kirovograd. It is dangerous for our country, because, first, we said three years that nothing is being done to prepare the technical component of digital broadcasting so as to effectively ensured population is digital broadcasting. Today we have digital broadcasting covered about 60% of Ukraine. That is, if you disable the analog television in Kirovograd region and in general in Ukraine, only 30% of the population will see Ukrainian speech, “- he said. This, in his opinion, will lead to the fact that the people who will be able to be move to the satellite and watch along with Ukrainian, Russian propaganda channels. “A large part of the population, particularly grandmothers in the villages first, will be to put it mildly, unhappy with a situation where can not watch news, TV shows. It would therefore be serious opposition, serious public discontent with the Ukrainian authorities, which allows the fun of people, “- said social activist. However, he said, is only the tip of the iceberg. “The main problem is that, unfortunately, the team Yatsenyuk, former prime minister now heads the key structure responsible for information security of our country – State Special Concern BRT and other structures. And these people destroy the sphere inside the country. Thus, there pidihruvannya Kremlin pidihravannya Putin to Ukraine lost independence. We learned that the concern RRT is the same audit firm that was involved in the preparation of its artificial bankruptcy in 2014. We stopped the bankruptcy process, “- said Bilonozhko. He believes that manage digital TV in Ukraine should not government agencies, and public concern RRT. “BRT – is our national security. The red button of Ukrainian television should remain in the state “, – he said. In turn, an expert on the development of broadcasting in Ukraine Anatoly Antonenko said: “Today should instruct concern RRT bring two multiplexes to normal, to expand the number of transmitters to make a powerful some transmitters to bring coverage to 95%, only then can talk about the shutdown of analog TV. ” At the same time MP from the “Block Poroshenko” Sergei Kaplin suggested that “the authorities concerned on the eve to turn off more or less objective channels and thus to control the information space and actually global censorship a news resource. ” “Today we have a serious challenge before the media in Ukraine by eliminating analog TV, analog communication and blocking an alternative in the form of modern digital television. All this is done solely to usurp power, “- he said

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