Smart TVs, media players, STB (Set top Box), tablets, smartphones can be used as client equipment.

The software and hardware complex LevTv is integrated with a large number of devices from different manufacturers:

  • Samsung SmartTV
  • LG SmartTV
  • Sony Android Smart TV
  • Android-based STB
  • Amino Technologies
  • Albis Technologies
  • AirTies
  • AppleTV
  • Dune
  • Roku
  • TeleTec

If necessary, the adaptation of the Middleware graphical interface to other types of STB is possible. Currently, STB client browsers with Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome are supported.

Work with subscriber devices is implemented as a web browser: Middleware “LevTv” acts as a web-server, and the browser set-top box – as a web-client. The web interface, implemented in this way, allows the client to control the services of Video-over-IP from the TV screen.

The following options are available:

  • Work with TV channels;
  • Work with movie catalogs: view trailers, select and order movies (VoD);
  • Setting access level (lock);
  • Change PIN code, etc.