Internet TV

Internet TV in Ott format – alternate future of traditional television


OTT (Over the Top) technology has become widely known in the field of video services over the Internet. The term OTT means the delivery of  video to the subscriber’s device (PC, STB, mobile phone, iPad) over the unmanaged Internet networks.

Internet TV is an open space of video content – given complete freedom to place information in the network. That’s why both professionals and amateurs are eligible to become publisher of the video.
Model Internet-TV focused on direct communication with the user and it does not depend on the provider or operator. In addition, Internet television is virtually independent of the user equipment.


Overall, Internet television isn’t restructuring the traditional system of broadcasting, but is a new link on the path of its development. Already, Internet TV works well in established Internet infrastructure. Internet-TV is open for everyone, if you do not violate the right of content.

Internet television not only provides opportunities for the inclusion of any media product in the network, but also allows to make accurate statistics for the number of views. Naturally, this becomes a strong marketing platform.


provide encrypted channels with the possibility of legal recording certain programs to mobile device users, including a subscription;
transcoded content (channels and movies) in various formats for viewing on your computer, TV and mobile phone;
provide content on demand with the ability to view online and download to the subscriber device for later viewing.

This concept allows for more efficient use content to attract new customers and increase profitability through differentiation of services and the introduction of online sales.
Feature implementation OTT services are able to provide service to any user online.

Benefits for Users

New Features and flexibility OTT-format is very attractive to the user. Firstly, the subscriber receives a convenient interface that integrates navigation and social functions commenting and evaluation, which will orientate the growth of video content from many different providers – TV operators, manufacturers of premium content, and others.
Just use a good pay-TV package, users can watch video in different ways: With the TV, on demand, pay a lump sum or by subscription. He was available and downloading content to a device for viewing offline and free offers.
Your video can be done on a computer screen, mobile phone, iPad. And through the game console, Blu-ray player, STB-top box – the TV screen. This allows you to watch video using a single account in any place and at any time. Users can configure individual programming and to create a personal portal for video.
Despite the diversity of opportunities, costs will be comparable OTT users with “average check” in the usual pay-TV operator. This competition between producers of content will obviously reduce the cost of services. There are small additional cost of STB to connect to a TV service.

Without doubt, the future of TV on the Internet.