Middleware LevTv

Middleware LevTv
We present to your attention the LevTv solution to provide interactive multimedia digital services on the TV screen!
Internet, e-mail, video on demand, ip-radio (ip-radio), digital TV (IPTV) with electronic program (EPG), billing, and other services available directly from the TV with the use of the remote Remote control and wireless keyboard. All this is available through a single web-interface for managing the services provided – middleware.

The server can be managed from a dedicated administrative workplace or remotely from any network computer through the web interface.
Software and hardware complex “LevTv” is intended for telecommunication operators and sanatorium-hotels.

Features and capabilities of the system
The proposed software and hardware complex provides the following functionality:

  • Providing interactive TV services with IPTV with electronic program of programs (EPG);
  • Providing services Video-on-Demand (VoD);
  • Providing ip-radio services;
  • Combine videos in the category and create a different pricing policy for each movie;
  • Possibility to order movies;
  • Providing services near Video-on-Demand (nVoD or “virtual cinema”);
  • Providing access services to the Internet;
  • Providing information about services consumed by clients.
  • Providing IPTV services

Ability to refine the system

The decision can be adapted to the customer. In addition to the integration opportunities, a flexible mechanism for updating the client portal is offered. There can be three types of finishing: superficial, deep and expansive. When the surface finish changes only the appearance of the portal. In the second case, modifications to existing pages may be made. In the latter case, it is possible to radically change the navigation scheme and data provision, added new functionality.

We look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation!