For Operators / Providers
We present an innovative solution for LevTv for telecom operators and Internet providers.
The experience of recent years shows that in the field of telecommunications, telecommunications operators who previously worked in narrow segments of the telecommunications market have significantly expanded the range of services based on their own network in recent years, with the rapidly growing role of “in-net” content and about ‘ The unification of “communication” and “content” services.
Broadband network operators are offered the solution for the organization of new services – providing digital TV (IPTV) and “video to order” (VoD) in real time.
IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a system for providing subscribers of digital TV services, as well as related entertainment services that are transmitted through a broadband network through an IP protocol directly to the TV receiver.
Unlike the traditional “speech” model, when the same content is delivered to all subscribers, and the broadcast goes regardless of whether it is viewed by anyone or not, the content within the IP-TV model is delivered to a specific user or group of users strictly according to their order.
The benefits of IPTV are in interactivity, which allows you to manage content (pause, rewind, etc.). IPTV does not have analogue TV problems such as interference, signal reflection, and so on. High digital image and sound quality make IPTV a very attractive service.

Middleware allows the operator to get:

  • Control over the provided content (EPG, software package creation, etc.)
  • User management (authorization and billing)
  • Custom graphical user interface on the TV screen
  • Managing VOD and NVOD services
  • Implementation of its own programs (information and commercial services), etc.

IPTV solution will allow operators to significantly increase their own customer base through the introduction of IPTV services, to increase revenue in general, to maintain and increase the base of “leading” users in the conditions of entry into the market of wireless technologies.