OTT (Over the Top) technology has become widely known in the provision of video services over the Internet. The term OTT means the delivery of a video signal to a user’s device (computer, STB, mobile phone, iPad) user over an unmanaged Internet.
Internet TV is an open space for video content – full freedom of information on the web is provided. That’s why both professionals and amateurs have the right to become a video publisher.
The Internet-TV model is aimed at direct communication with the user and it does not depend on the provider or operator. In addition, Internet TV is virtually independent of user’s equipment.

In general, Internet TV does not rebuild the traditional broadcast system, but is a new link on the way to its development. Today, Internet TV is well functioning in the established Internet infrastructure. Internet-TV is public, if it does not violate the rules of distribution of the content.
Internet TV not only provides the ability to select any media product on the network, but also allows you to make accurate statistics on the number of views. Naturally, this is becoming a solid marketing platform.

Business Benefits

The OTT has some interesting features. Transcoding technology allows you to transfer content to many types of devices – from the STB-console to your mobile phone and iPad. This is the potential to increase the consumption of video by users. The ability to transfer data directly from the manufacturer to the viewer allows you to exclude the operator and organize sales even for small content producers. In this case, cable, satellite, IPTV operators themselves can use OTT as aggregators. OTT is easy to manage and integrate and economically consumes system resources. The content management system is used to publish and authorize the review of the content, it can be anywhere in the world, direct content encryption takes place on the manufacturer / aggregator side. Delivery is carried out by companies that specialize in it. CDN – Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network – A geographically distributed network infrastructure that optimizes the delivery and distribution of content to end users on the Internet.
OTT technology can effectively protect content from unauthorized copying.