VOD Server

We offer software solution for video on demand (VoD) services – LevTVoD.

The LevTVoD server is the key to the LevTv solution used to create and deploy VoD services. The LevTVoD server was designed to record and transmit a large number of concurrent streams that are fully compliant with international standards and are compatible with most IP STBs. There are two ways to transfer video content:
1. VoD – video on demand. VoD – a very interesting service for users, who has no analogues in other digital television networks. The VoD service provides users with the ability to view the video content stored on the operator’s server at any convenient time for the subscriber. A subscriber through the subscriber receiver (Set-top-Box) gets access to the Middleware system, which provides a convenient search for content by genre. In the movie playback mode the subscriber has additional control functions of the current broadcast: “pause”, “stop” of the view and the ability to continue viewing, “rewinding” forward or backward.
2. nVoD – “virtual cinema”, “round-the-clock video” or video on schedule. The nVoD service is provided when the channels are transmitted according to a pre-scheduled timetable, that is, at a clearly defined time. But in this mode, content management services such as “pause”, “rewind” and “stop” will not be available.
To implement VoD services on the operator platform, a video server (VOD server) is installed, where it hosts a specially prepared video content. Content encoded in MPEG TS format is transmitted in the IP stream in unicast mode. Video content management provides the software part of the Middleware LevTv solution.

The LevTVoD server supports the well-known AVC / H.264 format, which makes it possible to optimize data storage and thus provide the highest quality video. The LevTv VoD server provides such popular services as Video On Demand and Near Video-on-Demand, and also allows you to control speech over RTSP (“start”, “pause”, “stop” “,” Rewind “, etc.) and easily integrated with any digital video equipment.
An important feature that makes the LevTVoD solution more cost effective is the fact that Near Video-on-Demand services are implemented by the server itself, rather than by separate middleware.
The LevTVoD system can be integrated with applications from other developers. It is designed as an open system that has standardized interfaces and formats.